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river alone

  1. Because I don't want to cause hyperlink shenanigans between LJ and DW accounts, I'm not deleting this comm. However, if I do more fandom-related things, they will be located exclusively at [community profile] eligor. But yeah, not using this comm anymore for fanwork.

  2. I'm not reuploading the mix for Chocolate and Peanut Butter (which was a fanmix for Jesse/Fiona from Burn Notice).  Ever since I made the mix, one of the artists on it was revealed to be a major homophobe, and I can't place that song on a mix without cringing.  However, I'm reposting the text to the above new fanwork comm.

  3. I was considering not uploading my Demon Radio mix, but I'm going to repost it to the comm upon second thought.  However, I'm not reuploading all the tracks that were formerly in that mix, and I'm thinking of adding a song I like instead of one I hated, Kavinsky's "Nightcall."  So I'm reposting the mix under a differnt name that I'll reveal at the above new fanwork comm.  I'm also not including the artwork that was there, as I'm not comfortable with said artwork now.

  4. So this is the last post on marchosias_inc. Happy new year, and good riddance to 2016 and this comm.

30th-Dec-2016 09:20 am(no subject)
fi loft burn notice
Since 8tracks has region-locked and restricted their playlists, I'm going to delete the account I moved my fanmixes with and moving all my playlists to YouTube. Even if the videos may or may not be region-locked, at least people can find versions of the songs they can listen to on YouTube. And, you know, it's always free, unlike 8tracks.
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