RD (hollymarchosias) wrote in marchosias_inc,

Artwork for The Golden Lotus by rise_your_dead

Art done for last year's het_bigbang. Story (on AO3). Digital painting. Originally on hollymarchosias as I do artwork for big bangs, part I. Comments can be left at the original post, AO3, this post, or the DW post.

So, um, here's my artwork for het_bigbang.  (The story that goes with it.)  I will not say anything because my adapter died about a week or so before the due date and pretty much I had to rush it out.  The artwork was drawn, scanned and then completed with the Brushes iPhone app (the second piece had pieces added with GIMP).  Since it's up on the site, I may as well put them here.  (Artwork now on AO3.)

Tags: het_bigbang, the golden lotus
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